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Sunshine & tracktime
100% Bikes European events are run slightly differently to our trackdays in this country.
Firstly we operate a ‘two group’ system, Intermediate or Fast/ACU. We rotate the groups in 30 minute sessions from 9.00 am through to 6.00 pm with a two hour lunch break (time to sample the local cuisine!) Secondly, the atmosphere is more relaxed, a bit like a holiday. The ACU group is an ideal opportunity for racers to get some pre-season testing done. Please check the trackdays page for the dates of our Europe Trackdays.

The most popular of our Europe events are the trips to Nogaro which is in the south of France. The circuit at Nogaro is 2.259 miles long, with 14 very different turns. The price you pay is for track access only, riders need to find their own way to the circuit, and arrange accommodation.
crossings are up to you, but you can get a discount with Motorsport Travel ( 01759 301010 ) by quoting 100% Bikes. For prices, more information, or to book your crossing, please call them direct.
accommodation is available for those requiring it, prices based on bed, breakfast and evening meal in February were approx £30 p/p/p/n for double room. The ‘Hotel Solenca’ is situated within easy walking distance of the track. You can book your rooms ‘on-line’ on the hotel’s web-site www.solenca.com. If you prefer you can camp at the track, free of charge.
Circuit information
If you would like more information about the circuit, the track has it’s own web-site: www.circuit-nogaro.com.